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Promotion Period 10 Oct 2022 - 11 Oct 2022

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Support local products and can win a special edition of Flazz of IDR 100 thousand? Come on, join the Gernas BBI QUIZ Challenge #GeloraMalukuUtara!

Terms of Gernas BBI QUIZ Challenge #GeloraMalukuUtara

  1. Gernas BBI Quiz Challenge ("Competition") is a competition organized by PT Bank Central Asia Tbk ("BCA") that invites followers of BCA @GoodLifeBCA's Instagram social media account ("Followers") to answer Quiz Challenge questions #GeloraMalukuUtara in the other comments column. Instagram Feed (“Post @GoodLifeBCA”) and tag 3 other friends' Instagram accounts.
  1. Followers participating in the Competition ("Participants") who upload the fastest and most correct Posts will be selected as winners and will receive prizes from BCA ("Winners").
  2. The competition will be held from 10 October 2022 untill. October 11, 2022 (“Competition Period”).
  3. Competition does not apply to BCA Employees
  4. Participants entering the Competition must meet the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”):
    1. Participant Criteria:
      • BCA @GoodLifeBCA Instagram social media account followers;
      • Indonesian Citizen (WNI);
      • Residing in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia; and
      • Have a valid identity card (KTP/Passport).
    2. Participants must follow the rules and agree to the applicable Terms and Conditions.
      Participants are required to upload posts in the form                 
      of Instagram Feed and tagging social media accounts
      Instagram BCA @GoodLifeBCA and write the hashtag #GeloraMalukuUtara on the Post.

    3. Participants' Instagram social media accounts must be accessible to the public (not private) and are prohibited from changing account
      names until the announcement of the Winners list by BCA.

  1. Each Participant is allowed to upload more than one different Post during the Competition Period.
  2. BCA has the right to conduct searches in any form on the Posting material and has the right not to give points if according to BCA, it is known that the Posting material violates these provisions.
  3. By participating in the Competition, the Participant gives permission and approval to BCA to use the Participant's Instagram social media account information (including name and account profile photo) and Posts that are included in the Competition for publication and advertising in connection with the Competition in print, electronic, and other media. online and for other BCA interests without time limit or obligation for BCA to provide compensation in any form to Participants other than the prizes that have been determined for the Winners. In relation to publications and advertisements conducted by BCA, BCA is not required to use Posts uploaded by each Participant.
  4. At BCA's discretion, BCA reserves the right to disqualify any Participant and/or Winner who does not meet and/or violates the Terms and Conditions. In the event that BCA disqualifies the Winner, BCA has the right to give the prize of the disqualified Winner to the Winner and/or other Participants.

Winner Announcement

  1. Winners will be selected by a jury appointed by BCA and announced via Posting Instastory on @GoodlifeBCA account no later than 14 (fourteen) working days after the Competition Period ends*. The decision of the winner chosen by the jury is final and cannot be contested.
    *The announcement period for Winners is subject to change without prior notice.
  2. The 20 selected winners will receive a special Flazz prize edition of the Proud National Movement Made in Indonesia North Maluku from BCA worth IDR 100,000 ("Prizes").
  3. The winner will be contacted by BCA to inform the Prize delivery address.
  4. Prizes will be sent to Address
  5. Prize delivery to each Winner will be made within 60 (sixty) working days from the announcement date of the Winner list and the Winner's data has been received and verified by BCA.

Other Terms

  1. BCA reserves the right to change, complete, and/or replace the Terms of the #GeloraMalukuUtara Quiz Challenge Competition which will be notified in any form and through any means in accordance with the applicable provisions.
  2. In the event of a force majeure**, BCA has the right to:
    1. postpone or stop the conduct of the Competition; and/or

    2. shorten or extend the Competition Period;

      **an event or occurrence that occurred beyond the fault and/or negligence and beyond BCA's control to  deal with, such as natural
      disasters, riots, major fires,  and major floods which resulted in BCA not being able to fulfill its obligations under the Gernas BBI Quiz
      Challenge Competition Terms
      #GeloraMalukuNorth this.

  3. These provisions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the applicable laws in the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. In the event of a dispute arising in connection with the interpretation and implementation of the Competition between BCA and the Participant, the dispute will be resolved by deliberation for consensus. If the dispute resolution by deliberation has been carried out but no consensus has been reached, then the dispute will be resolved through banking facilitation at Bank Indonesia or the Financial Services Authority or mediation through an Alternative Dispute Resolution Institution listed in the List of Alternative Dispute Resolution Institutions determined by the Financial Services Authority. . If the dispute cannot be resolved by deliberation, banking facilitation, and/or mediation as referred to above, you hereby agree to resolve the dispute through the Central Jakarta District Court, without prejudice to BCA's right to file a lawsuit or claim through another District Court in territory of the Republic of Indonesia
  5. Further information regarding the implementation of this Competition can be obtained on BCA @GoodLifeBCA Instagram social media accounts, and Halo BCA 1500 888
  6. By participating in this Competition, Participants are deemed to have understood and agreed to all the Terms of the Gernas BBI QUIZ Challenge #GeloraMalukuUtara Competition.

The provisions of the Gernas BBI QUIZ Challenge #GeloraMalukuUtara Competition have been adjusted to the provisions of laws and regulations including the provisions of the Financial Services Authority Regulations

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