07 Jun 2024 | News & Features

Get Passive Income with SBR013 at BCA

Passive income has now become something that many people aim for and dream of. Passive income is about creating a consistent stream of income without you having to do a lot of work to get it. To earn passive income is by investing. On June 10th 2024, the Indonesian government will issue a Government Debt Securities/ Surat Berharga Negara (SBN) investment product, namely the Savings Bond Ritel series SBR013, which funds will be used for Indonesia's development. SBR013 is the 4th SBN this year.

SBR is categorized as a safe investment product (which the principal and coupon are guaranteed by the law). Investors will receive coupons on the 10th on a monthly basis. SBR013 has a floating with floor coupon type, where investors will enjoy coupon rate that can increase according to changes in Bank of Indonesia’s interest rate (BI Rate), but will not be lower than when it was first published, so it is suitable to be used as a source for passive income section especially for new investors.

The SBR013 investment product is offered in 2 types of tenor/maturity, namely SBR013-T2 with a 2 year tenor and a coupon of 6,45% per year, and SBR013-T4 with a 4 year tenor and a coupon of 6,60% per year. This product can be ordered via Welma feature on myBCA application and KlikBCA website starting from IDR1 million.

Let’s add your passive income by investing with SBR013 immediately at BCA, since SBR013 can only be ordered until July 4th 2024 (with limited quota)! For those of you who have never invested at BCA, you can register investor data or Single Investor Identification (SID) directly in Welma feature on myBCA application. For further information, contact Halo BCA 1500 888 extension 4 for investment services or mention BCA Twitter: @HaloBCA.