11 Apr 2023 | News & Features

USD Mutual Fund Investment Starting from USD250 at BCA!

For Customer

Update: July 27, 2023

For many people, investing has become a habit and there are many different products that make it easier for you to prepare for the future.

It is important to diversify when investing. Diversification is a strategy to minimize risk by investing in various types of products. So when a product is affected by a situation, not all investments are affected.

There are many types of diversification you can do, for example: diversification by location, sector, product type, product term, and the most popular one is by currency. Currency diversification can be done through various instruments, such as cash, deposits, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

Given the current market conditions, where both IDR and USD interest rates are quite high, this is an opportunity for customers to invest in bonds and fixed income funds. To support this, BCA offers a program for customers to own USD fixed income funds (RDPT) starting from USD250 and valid August 1 to December 29, 2023.

USD RDPT offered at BCA, such as Ashmore Dana USD NusantaraBNP Paribas Prima USD Class RK1 dan Schroder USD Bond Fund have the following advantages:

  • Earn a returncomparable to bonds, but with a more affordable subscription, because the majority of the USD RDPT portfolio consists of some series of INDON/INDOIS bonds, where the minimum investment for each series is USD30,000
  • Diversify in the midst of volatile market conditions
  • Mutual fund returns are not taxable.
  • Attractive product choices in the rising interest rate trend

Wait no more! Let’s make a plan from now! For more information about investment products, contact Halo BCA 1500 888 with extention 4.