20 Dec 2021 | News & Features

Get more benefits now using Local Currency Settlement?

Update : 27th June 2023

International transaction settlement between Indonesia and Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and China can now be done using respective country’s local currencies, which are Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), Thailand Baht (THB), Japanese Yen (JPY), Chinese Yuan (CNY), and Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) with the transaction scheme of Local Currency Settlement.

LCS service aims to support many of your transaction needs, starting from payment for goods and services, investment, worker’s remittances, education and hospital fee, and also living cost.

In addition to lower fees charged and competitive exchange rates, LCS scheme also provides the relaxation for the underlying document threshold requirement regulated by Bank of Indonesia.

To check the fee amount per transaction that requires an underlying document when conducting an FX transaction, please click here.

Through various promotional programs, you may enjoy the benefits including:



100% Telex Fee Cashback*


Full Amount Fee of only USD 10 (or equivalent)

until June 2023



100% Telex Fee Cashback*

until 31st Desember 2023

Visit the nearest BCA Branch to get the LCS due to its limited monthly quota for the telex fee cashback! Enjoy the promo and easier terms for Local Currency Settlement service at BCA.

For further information, please contact Halo BCA 24-hours service at 1500888 or type #halobca via Whatsapp to 0811 1500 998, and Halo BCA Chat di www.bca.co.id or mention us on Twitter account: @HaloBCA.