30 Nov 2020 | News & Features

Stamp Duty for Credit Card Bill Payment is Now Rp10,000

Bea Materai Pembayaran Tagihan Kartu Kredit Kini Menjadi 10Ribu

The House of Representatives (DPR RI), in the plenary session, officially passed the bill on stamp duty. Through the revision, the tariff adjustment for stamp duty will be in a single tariff of Rp10,000 starting January 1st, 2021, a change from the initially two types of stamp fees recorded at Rp3,000 and Rp6,000.

The new stamp fee will only be applied for documents with a nominal value of more than Rp5,000,000. And for this reason, the stamp fee for BCA credit card bills will be adjusted to the new provision. Through the new law article 3, it is stated that a new single stamp tariff of Rp10,000 will be applied to documents with a nominal value of more than Rp5,000,000, which specifies a receipt where money have been received or any debt or any part of a debt that is acknowledged to have been satisfied or discharged.

Below is the table of stamp duty changes charged to BCA credit card holders for bill payment:


Bill Amount

Stamp Duty


< Rp 250,000

Free of charge

Rp 250,000 – Rp 1,000,000

Rp 3,000

> Rp 1,000,000

Rp 6,000

As of January 1st, 2021

≤ Rp 5 million

Free of charge

> Rp 5 million

Rp 10,000

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