2021-07-22 | Awas Modus

Beware of Cybercrimes! Here are Tips to Create Secure BCA ID Usernames and Passwords

In this digital era, customers need optimal banking services, which undeniably forces the use of digital platforms to accommodate their financial needs.

BCA presents myBCA, latest digital platform where you only need to use a single user id called BCA ID to log in and connect to all of your BCA accounts.

All BCA customers need to realize how important BCA ID is. It is safe to say BCA ID is the main gate to access myBCA and a key for customers to enjoy various banking services through the myBCA app.

Therefore, when you create a BCA ID, you need to do it yourself. This is because BCA ID is your personal data.

Cybercrimes are around you

Recently, there have been many cases of cybercrimes breaking into customers’ BCA ID. Fraudsters will randomly hack easy-to-guess and weak BCA ID accounts and passwords.

Once these fraudsters accessed the victims’ myBCA and knew all information inside the accounts, they would call the victims in various ways (phone calls, chat, etc.) and claimed to be from BCA.

When the victims believed they were speaking with a BCA officer, the fraudsters will make up reasons to encourage victims to share their personal data (PIN or other personal information) or click a link provided by them so they can access the victims’ financial transactions.

There is also a scam impersonating BCA pretending to offer you helps to create a BCA ID and connect all of your BCA accounts. In fact, this is only an attempt to steal your personal data so the scammer can access your financial transaction.

With the presence of various methods of fraud impersonating BCA to break into customers’ BCA ID, below are several tips for you to keep your BCA ID secure and your access to myBCA remains comfortable.

Tips to Create Secure Usernames, Passwords, and PIN

  • Create a BCA ID username that is difficult to guess. Create a complex phrase using a combination of numbers and alphabets (6 - 21 characters). Avoid using your name, such as Kasino01, Indro88, etc. Make it secure but easy to remember, use a phrase you will remember, such as BesarDiSubang3, Tiap2MingguPulang, etc.
  • Create a BCA ID password with a combination of numbers, lowercases, uppercases, and/or special characters (8-24 characters). Avoid using the same password and username. Use one that is harder to guess but still easy to remember, such as Lama2Jadi-Suka!, Jalan2Pagi&Sore, etc. Or the first letter of a sentence, such as BPssa25E$ (Binatang Piaraan Saya Semuanya Ada 25 Ekor$), etc. An example of vulnerable passwords: Password888. Also, change your password regularly.
  • Create six digit numbers for Transaction PIN you will remember easily, but difficult to guess by other people. Avoid using username or PIN with easy number combinations, such as date of birth (ex: 260790, number sequence (ex: 123456), or repetitive number (ex: 111222).
  • Do not believe anyone who calls you and claims from BCA to offer you assistance to create a BCA ID, connect BCA ID to your BCA account, provide link to waive administration fee, or any other reasons.
  • Remember your confidential data. Always protect your confidential personal data, such as card number, OTP code, CVV/CVC code, PIN, Password, etc. Do not share them to anyone and via any channel. 

The most important thing, if you need any assistance or information regarding myBCA and BCA ID, please contact BCA official account at Halo BCA 1500888.

You can see more details on Halo BCA official contact here

See BCA official social media accounts here

Once again, be on guard and always beware of frauds impersonating BCA. Protect your confidential personal data because #DatamuRahasiamu.