2021-06-04 | Awas Modus

Beware! Fake Website Ads Impersonating BCA and Halo BCA

What usually happens

When someone is searching for BCA/Halo BCA official contact using a search engine and typing in “Halo BCA”, “BCA”, or similar, fake website ads will pop up. Remember, BCA and Halo BCA official website is https://www.bca.co.id

Those ads were posted by fraudsters who want to take advantage of your carelessness to enter the fake website and enter your personal banking data. They will drain your balance using that data.

Let’s recognize fake website ads impersonating BCA and Halo BCA

To recognize scams using fake website ads impersonating BCA/Halo BCA, you should pay attention to several signs.

If we take a closer look, those fake ads are similar but different. To post a fake ad, scammers will use an image copied from BCA’s official ads or BCA official website. The only difference is in the link it displays.

  • BCA/Halo BCA’s official website link is https://www.bca.co.id

  • When you open a fake website, it will appear similar to BCA’s website, but you will find some strange appearance that does not represent a corporate website.
  • Inside the website, you will be directed to mention or type in your ATM/debit card number, PIN, OTP, and other personal data. That is definitely a scam because banks never ask for your personal data.

There is also a similar scam using fake number/account claiming from BCA/Halo BCA.

  1. Halo BCA phone number: 1500888. Fake Halo BCA phone number usually uses area codes, such as 021-1500888, +621500888, etc.
  2. Halo BCA WhatsApp: Bank BCA 08111500998 (with a green check mark). Fake Halo BCA WhatsApp do not have a green check mark.
  3. Halo BCA Twitter account is @HaloBCA (with a blue check mark). Fake Halo BCA Twitter accounts do not have a blue check mark or typos, such as Hallo BCA, HalowBCA, etc.

Tips to avoid from being scammed

  1. Pay attention to fake BCA or Halo BCA website ads/phone numbers/chat accounts/social media accounts. Do not get tricked by fake numbers and accounts.
  2. Whatever happens, always protect your confidential personal data such as ATM/debit card number, PIN, OTP code, etc. Do not share them to anyone, not even bank employees because #DatamuRahasiamu.
  3. Always remember the 5 (give) HaloBCA official communication channels.
  • Halo BCA 1500888 (with no prefix 021, +62, etc.)
  • Whatsapp “Bank BCA” at 08111500998 (with a green badge)
  • Twitter at @HaloBCA (with a blue badge)
  • Email at halobca@bca.co.id
  • Webchat at BCA official website bca.co.id
  • Halo BCA app that you can download here

If you were being scammed by fake BCA/Halo BCA website ads, please contact HaloBCA at 1500888 to ask for our assistance.

Be a smart generation to avoid any frauds. Let’s check out other methods of scams at www.bca.co.id/awasmodus.