2019-07-25 | Awas Modus

Forget to Update Your New Mobile Phone Number? This is the Risk

Have you ever changed your mobile phone number?

Did you know? When you change your number, your provider will deactivate your old phone number. And, after being inactive for some time, the will recycle the old number and put it on sale again.

Your old mobile number might be at high risk if used by fraudsters to make transactions using your name.

That could happen if your old phone number is still registered in the bank that issued your credit card or is still registered in your mobile banking app.

Do you get the idea?

For example, when you shop online using a credit card. During payment session, there will be a verification process by entering the card number, card expiration date, and CVV.

The issuer bank will send the OTP code, also known as m-PIN, verification number, authentication code, etc., via text message to your mobile phone number to ensure that you are the one making the transaction.

It means that the OTP code will be sent to the person who uses your old mobile phone number, don’t you know?

Problems occur when you change your mobile phone number, you forget to update your personal data to the bank where you are registered as a customer.

That’s why your mobile phone number is an important personal identity to always be updated to the bank that issued your credit card or mobile banking.

Protect your credit card or bank account from SIM card reactivation fraud.Read here for more details.

So, if you are planning to change your mobile phone number and have already registered as a customer, never forget to update your new mobile phone number to your bank.

When? Immediately! Contact or visit your bank to update your mobile phone number, and you are one step ahead of many scammers out there.