03 Apr 2024 | Edukatips

Tips for a More Comfortable and Memorable Homecoming

The moment you've been waiting for is just around the corner. The Eid holiday is a much-awaited moment, especially for migrants who are going back to their hometown, aka returning home. There are many things that need to be prepared, not limited to souvenirs, clothes and comfortable footwear, food and drink during the trip and medicines.

The following tips may help you making your homecoming trip more comfortable and memorable:

1. Maintain stamina to stay fit

Considering that the trip may take a long time, you need to prepare your body to be fit so you can enjoy your holiday. Various things can be done such as: exercise, consume menus that suit your body's needs, sunbathe, drink water, enough rest and live a healthy lifestyle.

2. Selecting departure time

If you plan to depart and return from homecoming to/from Java and its surrounding areas by road trip, it's a good idea to leave early to avoid peak hours which will slow down the commuting time. Whether traveling by land, by water or by air transportations, if necessary, taking 1-2 days off before the date of collective leave can be a solution to avoid congestion on roads, ports or airports so that there is still enough time to prepare for Eid activities in more prime condition.

3. Explore new toll roads according to your destination

If you are planning a road trip to Java or Sumatra, you can take advantage of the new toll roads, such as:

  1. Semarang – Demak toll road,
  2. Bekasi – Marga Jaya Toll Road,
  3. Cinere – Krukut toll road,
  4. Pasuruan – Gending Toll Road,
  5. Indralaya – Prabumulih Toll Road,
  6. Cisumdawu – Dawuan toll road,
  7. Ciawi – Cibadak Toll Road,
  8. Binjai – Kuala Bingai Toll Road,
  9. Indrapura – Fifty Toll Road,
  10. Tebing Tinggi – Indrapura Toll Road,
  11. Sigli – Kuto Baro Toll Road,
  12. Cibitung – Cilincing Toll Road,
  13. Cimanggis – Cikeas toll road.

Apart from shortening commuting time, you can also enjoy different views compared to the previous homecoming route.

4. Tourism and New Culinary Places

The density of homecoming traffic both when departing and returning has become a common topic. With this long trip with your family, you can consider healing for a while by visiting tourist attractions and regional culinary specialties that you have never visited. By taking a moment to heal, you can also add to your holiday moments with your family.

5. Prepare protection during the trip

There’s always been excitement about homecoming. The denser the flow of vehicles, the higher the risk that can occur to the condition of your body and vehicle. To anticipate these conditions, various protections may need to be prepared, such as:

  1. Travel insurance: By having insurance, you indirectly transfer unexpected risks to the insurance company such as delay, baggage loss and others.
  2. Vehicle insurance: This insurance can be prepared to avoid unexpected risks, such as accidents between vehicles and other risks to vehicles.

To meet your needs, BCA collaborates with BCAinsurance to provide both travel insurance that covers protection for domestic and international travel ranging from tracking lost documents or items, travel problems (cancellation, travel delays to lost or delayed luggage), emergency medical costs to accidents during the trip. And for vehicle insurance, BCAinsurance has collaborated with 489 quality partner workshops spread across 52 cities.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest BCA branch or check travel insurance and vehicle insurance for further information!