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Vehicle Insurance

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Important Information

Insurance Benefits

  1. Primary Guarantee
    • Comprehensive: compensation for total and partial damage
    • Total Loss Only: compensation for total damage greater than 75% of a vehicle’s value.
  2. Extended Guarantee 
    • Typhoon, Hurricane, Hail, and Landslide
    • Earthquake, Volcano Eruption, and Tsunami 
    • Riots, Strikes, and Civil Commotion
    • Terrorism and Sabotage
    • Third party liability


BCA and partner insurance companies are registered with and overseen by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

The insurance product is an insurance product of PT Asuransi Umum BCA and is not a product of BCA. BCA shall not be responsible for such insurance products. See more.



Insurance Fees



Insurance Fee

The premium depends on the amount of sum insured

Endorsement Administration Fee 

Charged if there is a change in Insured Object Value, Occupation, and Guarantee


Administration Fees

Type of Premium (Rp)

Administration Fees (Rp)

0 up to 250 thousand


250 thousand up to 1 million


 ≥ 1 million



Personal Risk Fees


Personal Risk 



Total Loss Only


Typhoon, Hurricane, Hail, Flood, and Landslide

10% of the minimum claim of Rp500,000

Earthquake, Volcano Eruption, and Tsunami

10% of the minimum claim of Rp500,000

Riots, Strikes, and Civil Commotion 

10% of the minimum claim of Rp500,000

Terrorist Act and Acts of Sabotage

10% of the minimum claim of Rp500,000

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