16 Feb 2024 | Edukatips

Switching to an Electric Vehicle, Check Out These Tips!

In 2023, many automotive brands launched electric vehicles as competition in the automotive market became increasingly fierce. In addition to being environmentally friendly, excluded from odd-even plates regulation, and having noiseless cabins, electric vehicles also have more economical annual tax and charging costs than conventional vehicles. If you are interested and plan to own one, the following tips may guide you in choosing an electric vehicle:

1. Specify Your Needs and Features

The budgets, types, and specifications of electric vehicles in the Indonesian market are very diverse. German automotive companies may offer more features and have higher safety levels than those produced in other countries. There are also several types of electric vehicles, such as Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). These differences also mean different budgets. Therefore, you need to match your wishes to the appropriate specifications offered by a certain electric vehicle.

After digging up the information on the vehicle you wish to choose, it is beneficial also to study the battery and spare parts information. Next, you need to dig up the related information, such as:

  1. The Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) points. Either at the gas station or non-gas station, you may want to note the closest points to your home and the points you could access when traveling.
  2. If you wish to install a home charger, you need to make sure of several things, such as the costs of a home charger (to calculate: maximum power x house electrical voltage x time duration) and contact the officers of PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara or State Electricity Company) to increase the electrical voltage at your home, if necessary.
  3. Battery life offered by the automotive company and how to maintain the durability of an electric vehicle battery. One way to keep the battery durable is to avoid putting the battery's capacity below 40%. Also, avoid overcharging it. Ideally, you do not need to charge the battery to 100%. It is sufficient to keep the capacity at 80%-90%.

2. Insuring Electric Vehicles
Finally, it is important to insure the electric vehicle avoids various financial losses arising from unexpected driving risks, the same as with any conventional vehicle. Therefore, vehicle insurance is needed to cover any financial losses if such risks occur.

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