14 Feb 2023 | Edukatips

You Can Now Use Reward BCA to Shop at Blibli

There’s good news for Goodfriends who have Reward BCA loyalty points from credit card purchases. Because now, you can use Reward BCA to pay for shopping transactions at Blibli.

Doesn’t know about Reward BCA yet? 

Reward BCA is a BCA’s loyalty point given to BCA’s credit cardholders for every shopping transaction using BCA credit cards. Reward BCA will accumulated into a balance that can be used as a discount, exchanged for various loyalty programs, and many more.

Now, you can use the accumulated Reward BCA to shop for various daily needs at Blibli e-commerce. Wondering how to use Reward BCA to pay for shopping at Blibli? Check the steps below:

How to Pay for Shopping at Blibli Using Reward BCA

  1. Select “Kartu Kredit/Debit“ in the Payment Method option
  2. Enter your BCA credit card details, from the card number, validity period, and CVV. Make sure to select the ‘Full Payment’ option for this transaction.
  3. If the credit card details have been filled in, there will appear a toggle ‘Pakai Reward BCA’ and the amount of BCA Reward points that can be used. Activate the toggle that reads "Reward BCA", BCA credit card holders must use the existing points to pay for the transaction.
  4. Choose pay to proceed. Do not close the Blibli.com page or application until the entire transaction process is complete.
  5. Pay transaction using Reward BCA is successful.

If the credit card transaction requires Authentication (3D Secure) by entering the OTP code. Enter the code from BCA sent to the mobile phone registered with the Bank. If the credit card transaction does not require Authentication (3D Secure), then the payment process has been completed.

Benefits of Blibli Shopping using Reward BCA

• Easy and Convenient

Having Reward BCA allows for a wider variety of payment methods for shopping at Blibli. In addition, Reward BCA can also be redeemed for all products sold at Blibli with no minimum transaction.

• No Redemption Time Limit

It’s no secret that Reward BCA has no expiration date. So you can redeem them at Blibli anytime and anywhere, to get all the items you need.

Even when it comes to the end of the month, there’s no excuse for not shopping. Because whatever goods or products you want and need, you can buy them using Reward BCA at Blibli. So, keep making purchases using your BCA credit cards to collect more Reward BCA. It’s easy to redeem with the many benefits it has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Can I shop at Blibli with Reward BCA for installment transactions?
  2. Unfortunately not. Currently, you can only use Reward BCA for full payment transactions.

  3. Which BCA Credit Card can be used for transactions with Reward BCA?
    • Credit Card BCA Everyday Card
    • Credit Card BCA Card Platinum
    • Credit Card BCA Visa Batman
    • Credit Card BCA Visa Black
    • Credit Card BCA Mastercard Black
    • Credit Card BCA Mastercard Platinum
    • Credit Card BCA Mastercard World
    • Credit Card BCA JCB Black
  4. What are the conditions for refund for payments made with Reward BCA?
  5. Funds will be proportionally refunded to the original fund source. The amount paid with Reward BCA will be refunded as reward points and the amount from the card limit will be refunded as the limit within 5-10 days from the date the order is cancelled.

  6. Can I set the amount of Reward BCA that I want to use to pay for transactions at Blibli?
  7. If the shopping amount is greater than the amount of Reward BCA points you have, the Reward BCA points will be used in full. You cannot set the amount of Reward BCA to be used.

    If the shopping amount is smaller than the amount of Reward BCA you have, the Reward BCA will be used according to the total shopping amount.

  8. What products can I pay for using Reward BCA?
  9. You can use Reward BCA for all products sold at Blibli.

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