07 Jun 2022 | Edukatips

Your BCA Debit Card Got Swallowrd at the ATM? Here’s What You Need to Do!

All BCA loyal customers must be familiar with Debit cards issued by BCA, from Tahapan, Tapres, BCA Dollar, Xpresi, TabunganKu, SimPel, to BCA Solitaire and Prioritas cards.

One or few of these cards are used to carry out banking transactions. In fact, it can be used almost every day for transactions at ATM BCA.

While carrying out transactions, have you had your debit card stuck or swallowed at an ATM? Some may have experienced this.

There are a number of reasons why your card is stuck or swallowed, including the ATM couldn’t read the card, you forget to take the card out, or as per the instructions of the card issuer.

Well, need not to panic if your card is stuck or swallowed while transacting at an ATM. Go immediately to our branch to request for a card replacement.

Easy ways to replace a card at BCA branch are as follows:

  1. Visit the nearest BCA branch and bring your ID card and passbook
  2. If possible, note down the location and WSID (machine number) where you card was swallowed.
  3. Inform our Customer Service officer regarding the card being stuck or swallowed at an ATM and request for a card replacement.

Easy, isn’t it? Not only that, BCA also waives the cost of new card issuance if the card is stuck or swallowed at ATM BCA.

For your information, the card that is stuck or swallowed at ATM BCA will remain secure and will be destroyed once retrieved. Also, there’s no need to worry as your card will not be automatically blocked by the system and can still be used to carry out cardless transactions.

Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and family. For full information, please contact HaloBCA 1500888.

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