01 Jan 2019 | Edukatips

Your Access is Blocked for Wrong PIN? This is the Solution

You may sometimes forget your PIN code, access code or password. It can happen to us at any time. When you are in a hurry or you are not focused and want to access an ATM, BCA mobile or KlikBCA, suddenly you forget your PIN code, access code or password, OMG! Tried it three times… and suddenly it got blocked. Frustrated, right? Don't worry, there's a solution!

If your BCA ATM got blocked

What to do if you have wrongly input your PIN three times and your access got blocked? Let’s find out the solutions.

  • If you still remember your PIN, you can contact Halo BCA for a manual reset.
  • If you do not remember your PIN, you must come to a branch office to replace your ATM card.

If your BCA mobile or KlikBCA got blocked

If your BCA mobile is blocked because of 3 (three) wrong access codes, or your KlikBCA is blocked because of 3 (three) wrong passwords, what should you do?

  • BCA mobile: Go to the About menu on the BCA mobile main menu, then select re-verify (just like the initial activation, the customer will be asked to input the ATM card number and regenerate the access code).
  • KlikBCA: Call Halo BCA at 1500888 to reset your password. After that, re-register at the BCA ATM machine.

Tips to prevent forgetting your PIN/Access Code/Password

  • Use a PIN or access code easy to remember but not your date of birth or data that is easy for others to know.
  • There are many ways to make it easy to remember. One of them is to search for a word that you always remember and is closely related to the access code.

That's the solution if your ATM card, BCA mobile or KlikBCA access is blocked and tips so you don't forget your PIN code, access code or password. Hope it helps, guys!