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Easy Ways To Switch From Non-Chip To Chip Debit Cards

Do people around you still use Non-Chip Debit Cards?

If so, quickly switch to Chip Debit Cards as advised by the Bank of Indonesia. Effective on 1 December 2021, BCA’s Non-Chip Debit Cards will not be able to be used for any transaction.

For customers who do not know yet, Non-Chip Debit Cards include old BCA ATM cards and Paspor BCA with magnetic stripe technology.

If you are still using Non-Chip Debit Cards, do not worry, because it is easy to switch to Chip Debit Cards. Here are 3 (three) easy ways to switch to Chip Debit Cards.

  1. Visit the nearest BCA Branch
    You can switch your Non-Chip Debit Cards to Chip Debit Cards at all BCA branches across Indonesia.
  2. Via CS Digital BCA
    CS Digital BCA is a digital Customer Service (CS) for every BCA customer to do a self-service banking transaction using a single machine at certain office branches. For more information on BCA Digital CS, click here.
  3. Call Halo BCA 1500888
    Call Halo BCA for further information on the Terms and Conditions for switching from Non-Chip Debit Cards to Chip Debit Cards. 
  4. Via BCA mobile
    Login to BCA mobile app and click “Akun Saya”, the click “Ganti Kartu”.

Switching from Non-Chip to Chip Debit Cards is mandatory. It is because the chip-based card will improve the comforts and easiness of your banking transactions. Here are 3 (three) reasons why you must switch to Chip Debit Cards immediately.

  1. Aligned with Bank of Indonesia’s regulations
    Since 2015, the Bank of Indonesia had declared the implementation of Standar Nasional Teknologi Chip and the use of 6 (six) Digit PIN for ATM or Debit Card issued in Indonesia.
  2. Various benefits
    If you switch from chip-based BCA Debit Cards, like Chip Debit Card BCA Mastercard, not only you can do transactions via ATM and EDC machines, you can also do that by activating the online debit feature on BCA mobile and myBCA. You can shop online, pay for music or film streaming subscriptions, and buy game vouchers on any platform with Mastercard payment.
  3. Minimizing risks of card-based crimes
    Non-Chip Debit Cards use magnetic stripe technology which is easier for fraudsters to copy. Thus, the risk of data theft from skimming magnetic stripe cards is bigger compared to Chip Debit Card with safer and more advanced technology.

For additional information, to switch from Non-Chip to Chip Debit Cards is FREE of charge. What are you waiting for? Switch your Non-Chip to Chip BCA Debit Cards through those three easy ways above. Do not miss the deadline of 2 December 2021.

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