17 Mar 2021 | Edukatips

Get Familiar with Halo BCA Official Channels

Have any questions regarding banking or BCA promo? Or need assistance related to BCA products? To response to your needs, BCA has customer service Halo BCA that is ready to provide information and banking solutions.

The following are the official contacts to reach out to Halo BCA:

  1. You can contact HaloBCA through phone at 1500888 without an area code such as +62, 021, etc. Other than 1500888, the number IS NOT HaloBCA.
  2. Bank BCA Whatsapp 08111500998
    Bank BCA’s official Whatsapp has a verified badge in the form of green check mark and is an official business account. Type #HaloBCA to start chatting with Halo BCA Customer Service.
  3. Halo BCA X (Twitter) @HaloBCA
    There is only one Halo BCA Twitter, namely @HaloBCA with a blue badge signifies it is an official account. You can contact HaloBCA Customer Service on Twitter through Direct Message (DM) or tag @HaloBCA. Do not send a message to a wrong account! 
  4. Halo BCA Email halobca@bca.co.id
    You can also contact Halo BCA through email at halobca@bca.co.id
  5. Halo BCA Webchat at www.bca.co.id
    Or contact Halo BCA via webchat from BCA official website namely www.bca.co.id
  6. Halo BCA application
    Download Halo BCA app from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore by clicking here

Remember, BCA never asks for your personal data, such as PIN, Password or OTP Code for any reason. #DatamuRahasiamu