09 Aug 2018 | Edukatips

The Benefits of BCA EDC

Here’s the versatile BCA Electronic Data Capture (EDC), ‘Si Biru’! If you are curious about its physical characteristics, benefits, and how to get it, read on!

A closer look at the BCA EDC

  • Dominated by “BCA Blue” color
  • Features BCA logo and the “Merchant Solution 1500788” phone number information 
  • EDC type: GPRS (mobile and desktop) and Fixed Line
  • EDC brand: Ingenico and Castles.

How versatile is Si Biru? Let’s find out:

  • One EDC machine for all types of cards
    • Accepts Visa Card, Master Card, JCB, CUP, BCA Card, and Amex credit cards.
    • Accepts BCA debit transactions and debit from other banks.
    • Accepts Flazz and Sakuku transactions.
  • Accepts Cicilan BCA and Reward BCA transactions at affiliated merchants.
  • Accepts Tarik Tunai BCA at affiliated merchants.
  • Can be used as an Electronic Cash Register
    • Equipped with automatic reconciliation feature between BCA EDC and merchants’ electronic cash registers.
    • Benefits: Single Dip/Swipe and Card Data Safety
  • Features Dynamic Currency Conversion
    • Enables merchants to offer options for foreign card holders to make transactions using their home currency using Visa or Master Card with BCA EDC.
    • Accepts 20 main currencies: USD, AUD, EUR, SGD, JPY, MYR, KRW, GBP, HKD, RUB, CHF, NZD, THB, CAD, SAR, TWD, AED, INR, NOK and BRL.
  • Free rental fee for new merchants.
  • Click here for the BCA’s EDC tutorial

Make Si Biru your business partner. Interested in getting one? Make sure you complete these required documents. Check here, and then:

  • Visit your nearest BCA branch; or
  • Visit our official website here; or
  • Call our Merchant Hotline BCA 1500788.

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