Lender’s Account (RDL)

A specialized account intended for conducting transactions with Peer-to-Peer Lending Companies

Why Lender’s Account?

Ease of RDL Opening

Securities companies can cooperate with BCA to open RDL BCA both offline and online

Ease of RDL Transaction

Securities companies can manage RDL transactions via KlikBCA Bisnis or API integration, which can be done in real-time, 24/7

Ease of RDL Monitoring

Securities companies can monitor the movement of funds in RDL through real-time RDL notifications and RDL statement and balance reports that can be accessed periodically

Lender’s Account (RDL)

Terms and Procedures Supporting Solution

Terms and Procedures

  • Open a Giro account at BCA.
  • Sign a Cooperation Agreement with BCA to open a Lender’s Account (RDL)
  • Apply for the opening of KlikBCA Bisnis service to operate the RDL
  • Apply for facilities such as API, H2H, or others to support RDL management

Supporting Solution

The following supporting solutions are available for managing RDL: