Multipurpose Business Loan

Easy solutions for various business needs

Multipurpose Business Loan

Meet Various Needs

Not only for working capital but also for investment, business development, various business costs, obligations, etc.

Competitive Interest Rates

Lower fixed interest rates for a certain period

Flexible and Easy

Longer term resulted in more affordable installment

Multipurpose Business Loan

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Multipurpose Business Loan

Easy solutions for various busines needs such as working capital, investment in tangible and intangible fixed assets, various business costs and obligations, and other business-related needs.

Important Information

  • Types of Facility
    A combination of overdraft loans (Local Credit) and instalment (Investment Loans or Instalment Loans) with a minimum instalment composition of 90%
  • Terms
    Up to 20 years (Investment Loan) or 15 years (Instalment Loan)
  • Withdrawals
    Instalment facilities are done gradually or all at once and with/without a grace period, while overdraft loans are made by providing a ceiling on the current account.
  • Ceiling
    In accordance with the type of assets financed (Investment Loan) and working capital requirements (Local Credit or Instalment Loan) with a minimum application of more than Rp500 million
  • Collateral
    Land/Building as collateral that is not abandoned and can be tied with mortgage rights

Terms & Conditions for Individuals

  • Over 17 years of age or married
  • Indonesian Citizen
  • In no violation of law and decency
  • Has not been declared bankrupt or in bankruptcy dispute process
  • Smooth collectibility

Terms & Conditions for Business Entities

  • Indonesian legal/business entity
  • Productive Financing
  • It is in accordance with the Articles of Association and does not conflict with the law
  • Has not been declared bankrupt or in bankruptcy dispute process
  • Smooth collectibility

Document Requirements

  • A copy of KTP
  • A copy of NPWP *)
  • A copy of Family Card
  • A copy of Spouse’s ID Card
  • A copy of Marriage Certificate
  • A copy of Divorce/Death Certificate*)
  • A copy of ID Cards of the Board of Directors and Commissioners **)
  • A copy of ID Cards of Shareholders’ ID **)

*) Mandatory if any, optional for business entities

**) Only for business entities

Collateral Document Requirements

Collateral Property Document

  • A copy of Certificate
  • A copy of KTP & NPWP of the Collateral Owner (if Collateral is in the name of others)
  • A copy of Building Permit (IMB)
  • A copy of the last Land & Building Tax bill
  • A copy of the latest Land & Building Tax proof of payment

Financial Documents

  • A copy of Audited Financial Reports *)
  • A copy of Internal Financial Reports *)
  • A copy of Other Bank Accounts (minimum of the last 4 months)

*) Mandatory if any

Fees and Limits

  • Provision Fee
  • Administration Fee
  • Interest Rates
  • Fines for Late Payments
  • Collateral Appraisal Fee
  • Collateral Insurance Costs
  • Notary Fee
  • Penalty Fee (for repayment with certain criteria)

Regular Interest Rate

Interest rates start at 5.00% per year

Special Interest Rate (Kartini)

To celebrate Indonesian Kartini Day, BCA is offering a special interest rate for Women's Multipurpose Business Loans to Indonesian Kartini MSME entrepreneurs starting at 3.21% per annum.

Fix Period Interest Rate (eff.p.a) Minimum Tenor

Fix 1 year


60 month

Fix  3 years


84 month

Fix  5 years


120 month

Effective as of April 1, 2024

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Multipurpose Business Loan Simulation

Purpose of Loan

Interest (eff p.a)

Application Ceiling


IDR 500 MillionIDR 30 Billion



5 Years15 Years

Instalment Ceiling


90% of total application ceiling

Non-Installment Ceiling


Interest Rate 7.5% Fixed for 1 Year

Instalments during the fixed rate period


Maximum non instalment interest per month


+ Administration fee (IDR 1 Million to 6 Million per facility)

Credit details above are only a simulation / cost estimate

Interest rate is a variable interest rate (floating rate)

In addition to the above costs, there are also other expenses, including provision fees/commissions, late fees, and additional charges.