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BCA Visa Corporate

Sustaining dynamic business practically

Why BCA Visa Corporate?


Makes the way of changing cash transaction using Visa Corporate credit card more effective

Ease of Administration Affairs

Financial statements details and monthly usage summary report will be appeared correspondingly to card bill for company

Company’s bona fide symbol

Company’s logo will be exclusively printed in BCA VISA Corporate credit card

BCA Visa Corporate

BCA Visa Corporate

Business solution for active and dynamic medium scale and above entrepreneur in the shape of corporate credit card for ease and flexibility in business transaction

Other benefits

Company’s benefit

Fasilitas online
Access limit information and transaction from BCA Visa Corporate and pay the card bill directly through KlikBCA Bisnis

Reporting dan pembayaran
Adjust your credit limit flexibly as recommendation or according to company’s need

Employee’s benefit

Special Promo
Get exciting promo from selected BCA merchants
Appreciation for trusted executive employees as BCA Visa Corporate card holder
Travel insurance
Card holder will get travel insurance up to Rp600.000.000 for purchasing travel tickets using BCA Visa Corporate
Accepted worldwide
Can be used for more than 65.000 merchants in Indonesia and millions merchants with VISA logo worldwide
Broad network
Supported by more than 1.200 BCA branch offices, 17.000 ATM BCA network and more than 400.000 merchants with 500.000 EDC machines
Competitive conversion rate
Enjoy competitive conversion rate when using BCA Visa Corporate abroad

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