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Overnight Index Swap

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Overnight Index Swap

Overnight Index Swap is interest rate swap transaction that calculated using daily compounding based with 12 months tenor


Hedge Alternative
Alternative for hedge transaction of portfolio/investment/account receivable/account payable that have interest and exchange rate risk tendency

Important Information

  • There is a derivative position limit
  • Having underlying documents in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Banking Authorities (Bank Indonesia & Otoritas Jasa Keuangan)
  • Having an account at BCA
  • Signing the Master Agreement, FX Transaction Agreement, Transaction By Phone, ISDA
  • Providing a Power of Attorney
  • The margin deposit is blocked
  • Solely for the OIS, there must be a needs analysis
  • Satisfying the requirements laid down by the Banking Authorities

Fees and Limits

There's no fee for this service

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