Bulk Account Opening

Open an account for payroll payment needs of employee salaries

Open A Bulk Account!

Easy Application

Easy application process for account opening cooperation

Fast Process

Account opening process for multiple employee accounts at once

Effective and Efficient

No need to stand in line at the branch to open individual accounts

Bulk Account Opening

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Bulk account opening is a collective process of opening employee accounts for payroll or salary payment needs. This enables companies to facilitate the opening of multiple accounts simultaneously for all employees easily and efficiently.

Important Information


  • Easy account opening application
  • Faster account opening process
  • No need to visit the branch and stand in line

Application for Bulk Account Opening

Application for bulk account opening requires the company to fill out the Bulk Account Opening Cooperation Form and provide bulk account opening data as specified in the informed format.

Types of Accounts to Open

Bulk account opening allows for the opening of two types of accounts: 

  • Tahapan
  • Tahapan Xpresi

These accounts are opened without a passbook.

Initial Deposit/Fees

The initial deposit/fee is determined based on the terms of the selected product/account type.

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