Outgoing SKBDN

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Outgoing SKBDN

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Outgoing SKBDN

Financing services provided for SKBDN / local LC issued by BCA

Trust Receipt (T/R)

Financing provided by BCA to settle SKBDN on maturity date Withdrawal of Trust Receipt (T/R) only for LC/SKBDN issued by BCA

Important Information

Requirement for Outgoing SKBDN Transaction at BCA

  • Maintain current account in BCA (IDR or foreign currency)
  • Conform the administrative requirements
  • Have SKBDN Facility at BCA

Types of SKBDN

  • Sight SKBDN: SKBDN is payable on the documents presented to the Issuing Bank and compliance with terms in SKBDN
  • Usance SKBDN: SKBDN is payable on predetermined time after the presentation of conforming documents
  • UPAS: Financing scheme provided by BCA as Issuing Bank to paid the Supplier in sight basis subject to compliance documents with term in SKBDN while the Buyer will settle in usance basis.
  • UPAU: financing scheme provide by BCA as Issuing Bank that allowed the Buyer to have longer tenor

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