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Why e-Deposito?


Transactions can be made anytime, anywhere, without going to the branch office


Need not to worry about losing certificate of deposit anymore because e-Deposit is bilyet-free.


Interest is automatically transferred to fund source and receive a notification email upon opening or redemption (make sure your e-Banking email is updated)



e-Deposito is a time deposit product accessible through BCA channels.

Important Information

Terms and Procedures:

  • Own one of the Rupiah Savings or Rupiah Giro accounts at BCA to be used as a fund source for e-Deposit debit purposes. 
  • For inquiries and complaints: 

Contact us: 
Halo BCA 1500888 
E-mail: halobca@bca.co.id 
WA: +628111500998 
Website: www.bca.co.id 

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Features, Benefits, and Risks of e-Deposit

Key Features of e-Deposit:

  • Placement starts from Rp8,000,000
  • Flexible choices of terms of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • Competitive interest rates. For details on interest rates, see the “Fees, Limits and Interest Rates
  • The guaranteed interest rates adhere to the prevailing interest rates on Deposit Insurance Corporations (LPS) webpage.


  • Serve as an easy and flexible futures investment.
  • Freedom to choose a preferential extension, such as:
    • Automatic deposit extension with interest credited to fund source (ARO)
    • Automatic deposit extension with interest summed up each time the account is rolled over (ARO Plus)


  • LPS does not guarantee your e-Deposito if the balance is more than Rp2,000,000,000 or exceeds the LPS-guarantee interest rate.
  • If you redeem your deposit before maturity, the current interest is not payable
  • If your e-Deposit is not redeemed at maturity, your funds will be deposited for the same period according to the applicable interest rate.




Interest based on Tenor*


20% Tax

Total Accumulation***


1 month


20,136 4,027 10,016,109

* Interest rates may change according to the prevailing regulations
** Interest = gross interest before tax according to the prevailing regulations (Assuming 1 month = 30 days)
** Total accumulation = total amount of e-Deposit plus interest after tax

Additional Information

  • Deposit interest will be credited based on the type of e-Deposit extension as follows:

    Types of e-Deposit

    Interest Credit


    Credited to the designated account every month according to the maturity date

    ARO Plus

    Credited to the deposit account at maturity and its initial interest will be summed up when the account is rolled over

  • Redemption of e-Deposit can be done through the app by clicking immediate redemption or redemption at maturity button. 
  • Redemption of e-Deposit cannot be done on the same date as the placement date.
  • The Bank is required to notify all changes to the benefits, costs, risks, terms, and conditions of these Products and Services by mail or through other means pursuant to the prevailing terms and conditions. Such notification will be made 30 days prior to the effective date.
  • The interest rates of e-Deposit applied are according to the prevailing regulations at BCA and may change at any time following the market conditions and such changes will be notified through BCA information facilities.
  • For every offer and subscription of other products, BCA will first ask the customer for approval to provide customer data to third parties.
  • Information about fees, benefits, and risks is available on www.bca.co.id

Disclaimer (important note)

  • Bank may reject the application for e-Deposit if they do not fulfill the applicable terms and conditions.
  • The customer has read and understood the e-Deposit product according to the Product Summary.
  • This Product Summary is not part of the application for opening an e-Deposit account.
  • Customers are required to read and understand the application for opening an e-Deposit account.
  • Information included in the Product Summary is valid until the new amendment related to the e-Deposit in this Product Summary is made.
  • Customers are required to carefully read this Product Summary before agreeing to the opening of an e-Deposit account. Customers may rightly ask a Bank employee or call Halo BCA at 1500888 for any inquiries or complaints related to the Product Summary.

Fees, Limits, and Interest Rates

Interest Rate

Rupiah Deposit

Currency Interest Rate (% p.a.) / Period (month)
1 3 6 12
IDR < 2Bn 2,45 2,45 2,45 2,45
IDR ≥ 2Bn - < 5Bn 2,45 2,45 2,45 2,45
IDR ≥ 5Bn - < 10Bn 2,45 2,45 2,45 2,45
IDR ≥ 10Bn - < 25Bn 2,45 2,45 2,45 2,45
IDR ≥ 25Bn - < 100Bn 2,45 2,45 2,45 2,45
IDR ≥ 100Bn 2,45 2,45 2,45 2,45

Effective from October 19, 2021

Note: amount in Rupiah (IDR)

Minimum Deposit



  • Income Tax Fee: 20% of the Deposit interest.
  • Floating interest is not payable if withdrawal is made before maturity
  • Monthly interest transfer fee: Free.

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