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Feature for investing and purchasing insurance products anytime and anywhere. Welma is here to make investing in Mutual Funds, Primary Market Bonds, and Secondary Market Bonds easier through the myBCA app

Important Information


  • BCA ID is an identification code created by the Customer or non-Customer consisting of numbers, letters or a combination of both, to access the BCA ID e-Channel.
  • BCA ID password is a personal password that was created and must be entered by the BCA ID user to be able to use the BCA ID.
  • Customer is an individual who has a fund account at BCA and / or BCA credit cards.
  • BCA ID users are individuals both customers and non-customers who use BCA ID.
  • Email is an electronic correspondence address that is registered by a BCA ID User at BCA in connection with the use of BCA ID.
  • e-Channel BCA ID is a BCA electronic channel that can be accessed by using BCA ID to conduct banking transactions and / or obtain information related to BCA services or products.
  • BCA ID PIN is the personal code of the Customer that is a BCA ID User, consisting of 6 (six) numeric digits and is used to carry out certain transactions in accordance with BCA regulations.

Welma Registration

  • Prospective BCA ID users can register BCA ID through various e-Channel BCA IDs.
  • BCA ID users must provide the data required by BCA to register BCA ID according to the column listed on the BCA ID registration screen.
  • BCA ID users must activate BCA ID by clicking on the link sent by BCA to the email that has been registered by the BCA ID user.
  • BCA ID users must register their personal e-mail and are responsible for their use.
  • Email registered with BCA will be used for sending:
    1. Notification of transactions using BCA ID;
    2. Links for BCA ID activation during registration and unblocking BCA ID (non-Customer only);
    3. Information from BCA, for example promos and / or security tips.
  • BCA ID users agree that BCA can send the offer material to the BCA ID User Email registered at BCA.

BCA ID and Transaction Conditions

  • BCA ID users can have multiple BCA IDs and must associate BCA ID with at least 1 (one) account to make transactions.
  • One fund account or credit card can only be associated with 1 (one) BCA ID.
  • One BCA ID can only be associated with 1 (one) Email and BCA ID users can change the Email associated with BCA ID with certain conditions.
  • To be able to login to the BCA ID e-Channel, BCA ID users must enter the BCA ID and Password BCA ID.
  • BCA ID users must use PIN BCA ID and the same BCA ID each time a BCA ID user makes certain transactions/li>
  • BCA ID users must follow the provisions that apply to every e-Channel BCA ID every time a BCA ID user makes a transaction on the e-Channel BCA ID.

Securing BCA ID, BCA ID Password, and BCA ID PIN

  • BCA ID users must maintain the confidentiality of the BCA ID, BCA ID Password, and / or BCA ID PIN.
  • All misuse of BCA ID, BCA ID Password, and / or BCA ID PIN is the full responsibility of BCA ID Users.
  • BCA ID users can change their BCA ID Password at any time through the menu provided.
  • If the BCA ID, BCA ID Password, and / or BCA ID PIN of BCA ID Users are known by other parties, BCA ID Users must immediately inform Halo BCA to block BCA IDs.

Force Majeur

In the event that BCA is unable to carry out instructions from BCA ID Users, either partly or wholly due to events or things outside of BCA's power or ability, such as natural disasters, war, government policies that prohibit BCA from providing facilities related to BCA ID, and events beyond the control or ability of BCA, the BCA ID User hereby acquies BCA of all kinds of claims, lawsuits and / or other legal actions in any form related to this matter.

Complaints Handling

  • BCA ID users can contact Halo BCA for any complaints regarding the BCA ID. BCA will respond to these complaints in accordance with applicable legal provisions.
  • Every complaint related to BCA ID must be submitted by BCA ID Users to BCA within no later than 3 (three) months from the date of use of the relevant BCA ID.
  • BCA ID users agree that any disputes or disagreements arising from and / or relating to the implementation of the PT Bank Central Asia Tbk BCA ID Provisions will be resolved by deliberation.
  • Any disputes or differences of opinion that cannot be resolved by deliberation by BCA and User BCA ID will be resolved through banking mediation at Bank Indonesia or mediation conducted through Alternative Dispute Resolution Institutions listed in the List of Alternative Dispute Resolution Institutions determined by the Financial Services Authority.
  • Any disputes or differences of opinion which cannot be resolved either through consultation and / or mediation as referred to in point H.4 above will be resolved through the Central Jakarta District Court.


  • BCA ID users must immediately report to BCA in writing if there is a change in BCA ID User data
  • BCA has the right to change the BCA ID Terms of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk which will be notified by BCA to BCA ID Users in any form and through any means in accordance with applicable legal provisions.
  • BCA ID users hereby declare that they are subject to the PT Bank Central Asia Tbk BCA ID Provisions and all terms and conditions that apply at BCA that govern services, facilities, and transactions that can be carried out using BCA ID.

Fees and Limits

Fee Welma

To connect your account at the first time, you will be charged for the SMS sent and received by the customer

  • Telkomsel IDR 300 to IDR 1,320 per SMS *
  • Indosat IDR 400 to IDR 600 per SMS *


Valid from May 2021, SMS sent and received by the customer will be charged with the following details :

  • Smartfren IDR 150 to IDR 600 per SMS*
  • XL IDR 400 to IDR 600 per SMS*
  • 3 (Tri) Hutchison IDR 250 s.d. IDR 500 per SMS*

* This fee / price does not include PPN 


Transaction Currency Limit (per BCA ID account per day)
Mutual Funds and Secondary Bond Purchases IDR 5,000,000,000
USD 330,000

Effective date 25 May 2023.

Selling Limit / Early Redemption is according to customer's ownership.

The limit transactions of Mutual Funds & Secondary Bonds is the combined limit per day per BCA ID.

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