12 Sep 2023 | News & Features

Passive Income with a More Affordable Principal on the myBCA Application!

“How to increase your income?” is a fun topic to discuss. The reasons are varied, such as increasing needs, increasing expectations of living standards and many goals and dreams to be achieved. One way to make this happen is through passive income.

Government Securities (SBN) investment products are investors' favorite choice which can be purchased at any time (every trading day) to get passive income, because it has various types, maturities, returns, and currencies. SBN can be ordered during a certain offering period on the Primary Market (directly from the issuer/Government of Indonesia), and can also be traded every exchange day on the Secondary Market (buying and selling from other investors).

SBN that are better known to the public are Retail SBN, such as SBR, ST, ORI, and SR. However, the government also issue SBN Fixed Rate (FR) and Project Based Sukuk (PBS) in IDR currency. Starting from 26th September 2023, people can invest in this product through the Welma feature on the myBCA application at an affordable price.

ProductName Minimum Transaction (Starting From)
Before Since 26 September 2023
Fixed Rate (FR) & Project Based Sukuk (PBS) IDR100 Million and multiples IDR1 Million and multiples

What are you waiting for? Let’s download myBCA and register investor data (Single Investor Identification/ SID) from now, to start investing more affordably. For further information, contact Halo BCA 1500 888 extension 4 for investment services or mention BCA Twitter: @HaloBCA.