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Halo BCA 1500888

Why Halo BCA?


Halo BCA always ready to assist anytime everyday 24/7

Many Ways to Contact

Contact Halo BCA easily through various platforms, from telephone, chat, email, WhatsApp to social media

Extensive Service

Get various assistance services and products such as information about BCA, application requests, suggestions giving and complaints

Halo BCA

Halo BCA provides access to banking product assistance and services for BCA customers and non customers at any time.


Available in Indonesian and english

Important Information

Please make sure to always contact the official Halo BCA service to avoid the misuse from irresponsible parties


Contact the official Halo BCA number and choose the needed service


Contact the verified account and type #HaloBCA to start a chat with the Customer Service

BCA website

Via widgets on website

Social media

Follow and contact a verified BCA social media account

Official Halo BCA number

Perbankan, Kartu Kredit, KPR/KKB/Personal Loan, Pendaftaran Data Investor, BCA Syariah, BCA Insurance, BCA Life, BCA Klik Pay, Pengajuan Mesin EDC, BCA Sekuritas

BCA Prioritas

Halo BCA Business

Merchant Solution

Halo BCA Customer Service

  • BCA Banking Regular customers
  • BCA Credit Card Regular customers
  • BCA Consumer Credit customers
  • BCA Syariah customers
  • AIA customers
  • BCA Life customers
  • Personal Loan customers
  • EDC Campaign customers
  • Priority BCA customers
  • BCA Solitaire customers
  • Non-BCA customers
  • BCA Branch Office (info)
  • BCA Insurance customers

Form of Service

Halo BCA services are handled by direct Customer Service and also answering machine assistance

Complaint Mechanism through Halo BCA

  1. The customer contacts Halo BCA 1500888
  2. Customer data will be verified
  3. Complaints will be followed up directly. If the complaint cannot be resolved by Halo BCA, the customer will be given a complaint number for further complaint processing at a later date *)


*) Will be followed up in accordance with SLA for customer complaint category

Notes :
Complaint through social media just for special case

Fees & Limits

Halo BCA Access Fee



Mobile Phone

According to provider tariff

Another platform

Quota deduction from data packages

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Halo BCA
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