HaloBCA Chat

Term Condition HaloBCA Chat


  1. Halo BCA Chat is the application on a BCA website that can be used by Users to chat online with CCO to submit questions, suggestions, and other matters related to the BCA's non-financial products and services.
  2. Users are parties who can access the BCA website and use the Halo BCA Chat services.
  3. Email is an email address registered by the User during registration of Halo BCA Chat.
  4. Telephone Number is a cellularphone or PSTN number registered by the User during registration of Halo BCA Chat.
  5. Contact Center Officer ("CCO") is a BCA officer in charge of serving a chat with the User through the Halo BCA Chat application.
  6. Halo BCA Chat Widget is a window chat located at the bottom right of the BCA website for Desktop version or on the top right to the Mobile version.

Before the User can use the Halo BCA Chat service, the User must first register by entering the necessary data such as name, email address and telephone number owned by the User that is valid on Halo BCA Chat Widget.


  1. After registration, Users can start a chat session in Halo BCA Chat Widget.
  2. The scope of services that can be served by the CCO in Halo BCA Chat Widget is information related to BCA's non-financial products and services.
  3. To maintain User's data security, the User is prohibited to provide confidential information, such as Personal Identification Number, during the chat session.
  4. If within a period of three (3) minutes or any other time period specified by BCA there is no response from the User during the chat session, the CCO informs the User that the CCO will close the chat session and then be followed by the closing of the chat session.
  5. When in a chat session there is a network interruption of the User causing the chat session
    with CCO is lost, the chat sessions can be reconnected
    after User clicks the refresh button on the Halo BCA Chat Widget.
  6. BCA will send the chat history made by User to Email address of the User.
  7. Users are advised to use the minimal browser application: Internet Explorer 11, EDGE 13 Firefox 21, Safari 7, Chrome 54, Opera 15, Android browser 4.4 and iOS Safari 7 in order Halo BCA Chat service can operate properly.
  8. Using Halo BCA Chat service, the Users shall comply with and approve the Terms and Conditions of Halo BCA Chat. BCA reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Halo BCA Chat to be notified by BCA in the form and by any means in accordance with applicable laws.

Complaints about Halo BCA Chat services can be delivered by the User to Halo BCA, via email: halobca@bca.co.id or phone 1500888.


These Terms and Conditions of Halo BCA Chat of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (“BCA”) have been adjusted to the provisions of laws and regulations including the provisions of the Financial Services Authority