Independent Commissioner

Independent Commissioner

Raden Pardede

Indonesian citizen, 62 years old. Domiciled in Indonesia. Appointed Independent Commissioner at the 2004 Annual GMS and approved by Bank Indonesia on June 14, 2004. Last reappointed as Independent Commissioner at the 2021 Annual GMS for a five-year term.


Served as President Commissioner of PT Perusahaan Pengelola Aset (2008-2009) having previously served as its Deputy President Director (2004- 2008).

He has also held various positions in several companies and the government, including as Deputy Chair of the National Economic Committee (2010-2014), Special Staff to the Minister of Finance (2008-2010), Chair of the Indonesian Financial System Stability Forum (2007-2009), Secretary of the Financial System Stability Committee (2008-2009), Chair of Indonesia’s Infrastructure Development Financing (2004-2005), Special Staff to the Coordinating Minister of Economy (2004-2005), Executive Director of PT Danareksa (2002-2004), Deputy Coordinator of the Assistance Team for the Minister of Finance (2000-2004), Chief Economist and Division Head of PT Danareksa (1995-2002), Founder of the Danareksa Research Institute (1995), Consultant at the World Bank (1994-1995), Planning Staff at the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia (1985-1990), and Process Engineer at PT Pupuk Kujang (1985).

Raden Pardede is a guest lecturer at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Indonesia, and Prasetiya Mulya Business School.


Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung (1984) and a PhD. in Economics from Boston University, USA (1995).


No financial relationship, stock ownership relationship, and/or family relationship with fellow members of the Board of Commissioners, members of the Board of Directors, and/or the controlling shareholders of BCA.

Concurrent Position

No concurrent position as a member of a Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, or Executive Officer at other banks, companies, and/or institutions.


During his career, he accumulated extensive experience in various areas and assignments, including in monetary economy, economic development planning, scenario planner, banking & finance and macroeconomic policy.