President Commissioner

President Commissioner

Djohan Emir Setijoso 

Indonesian citizen, 80 years old. Domiciled in Indonesia. Appointed President Commissioner at the 2011 Annual GMS and approved by Bank Indonesia on August 25, 2011. Last reappointed at the 2021 Annual GMS for a five-year term.


Djohan Emir Setijoso previously served as President Director of BCA (1999-2011), lastly responsible for overall coordination, Internal Audit, Corporate Planning, Finance & Accounting, and Corporate Secretary. Prior to joining BCA, he worked at Bank Rakyat Indonesia from 1965 until 1998 with his last position as a Director; and President Commissioner of Inter Pacific Bank (1993-1998). Aside from being the President Commissioner of BCA, he is also currently active in various organizations.


Bachelor’s degree from Institut Pertanian Bogor (1964).


No financial relationship, stock ownership relationship, and/or family relationship with fellow members of the Board of Commissioners, members of the Board of Directors, and/or the controlling shareholders of BCA.

Concurrent Position

No concurrent position as a member of a Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, or Executive Officer at other banks, companies, and/or institutions.


During his career, he accumulated extensive experience in various areas and assignments, including in banking & financial strategy, banking supervision, internal audit, corporate banking, branch banking, and individual banking.