Apply for Insurance and Get Cashback!

Until 30 Jun 2024

For Customer

Apply for Insurance and Get Cashback!

Health is the primary asset to support your productivity and reach your high-quality life. There are various ways that will help us having a healthy and fit body, including consuming food and beverages that your body needs, engaging in regular exercise and sufficient rest, managing stress and having positive social environment.

Nevertheless, there are unforseen circumstances in life or risk beyond our control, such as illness, accidents, die at young age, or even living a very long life. These risks can be significantly impact to your financial stability and financial plan. Therefore, it is important to manage them by transferring the risks to insurance company. At BCA, there are AIA products available according to your needs, including life insurance, health insurance, critical illness insurance, children education fund and retirement fund.

Apply for Insurance Before June 30th 2024, Get Cashback Up to 10% and Extra Cashback of IDR500,000 and 2%

Get cashback up to 10%

Annually Premium



(Percentage is multiplied by annual premium)

PRIMA Extra /

Maxi Value Protection /Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Plus

EduPlan / RetirePlan

≥ 25 Million to < 50 Million



≥ 50 Million to  < 100 Million



≥ 100 Million to  < 300 Million



≥ 300 Million to < 500 Million



≥ 500 Juta to < 1 Billion



Get extra cashback IDR500,000 and 2%

Moreover, you may combine 10% of cashback with IDR500,00 and 2% cashback extra promotion with condition as follows:

Promo Reward


Terms and Conditions

Extra Cashback of


All products

  • Apply for insurance use on “Leave Contact” feature by filling out webform here or manage your policy installment premium payment method using BCA credit card
  • Policy purchase is integrated with AIA Vitality in annual payment method, with a minimum premium purchase of IDR25 million in a year.

Extra Cashback 2%

PRIMA Extra/Maxi Value Protection/Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Plus

  • Exclusively applied for BCA customer (choose one of below options):
    • BCA Prioritas/Solitaire member
    • Kredit Modal Kerja (KMK)
    • Kredit Kepemilikan Rumah (KPR)
    • Customer with special criteria in investment product (Reksa Dana and/or Obligasi)

Note: customers with certain criteria must fill out Bancassurance Life Consultant (BLC) AIA form to get extra cashback.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The program is applied until June 30th 2024
  2. The program is applied for PRIMA Extra/Maxi Protection Plus/ Maxi Infinite Link Assurance/EduPlan/RetirePlan policy with a minimum premium purchase of 25 million-rupiah in a year, and applied only for annual payment.
  3. The program is acknowledged for new approved policy (inforced) and no cancellation (surrender) occurred during freelook period with the following term and condition for each policy.
  4. The 50% premium calculation of Annual Premium Equivalent (APE), is only applied for 5 year payment in PRIMA Extra, Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Plus, EduPlan, and RetirePlan.
  5. Cashback will be paid no later than 60 calendar days after the policy issue date.
  6. Trip will started at the first quartal in 2024.
  7. Policy in USD use JISDOR April 1st 2024 with USD rate 1 USD = IDR15,909

Simulation to Get Promotion

Illustration #1

Mr. Andika (35) has interest to PRIMA Extra and use “Leave Contact” feature in by filling out webform (button click “Ajukan Sekarang”) at the bottom of the page. To achieve a healthy lifetstyle, Mr. Andika completed it by being a member of AIA Vitality.

Product : PRIMA Extra + AIA Vitality membership

Premium : IDR104 million/year

Sum Assured : IDR2,5 billion

Payment : Annually (10 years of payment period)

Mr. Andika will get the benefits as follows:

  1. A coverage of 136 critical illness condition and life coverage up to 99 years.
  2. Cashback of 8% x IDR104 million = IDR8,32 million.
  3. 5% of first premium discount and 20% of second year premium discount and so (depends on AIA Vitality membership status at the end of his membership year).
  4. An additional cashback of IDR500,000 since Mr. Andika applied for insurance by filling out webform at

So, the total cashback of Mr. Andika would be (IDR8,320,000 + IDR500,000)= IDR 8,820,000

Illustration #2:

Mrs. Rina (40) is a BCA Priority customer. She buys insurance on May 2024 with her BCA credit card. 

Product : Maxi Value Protection + rider prestige PHSE (70 years old)

Premium : IDR58 million/year

Sum Assured : IDR1 billion

Payment : Annually

Mrs. Rina would get the benefits as follows:

  1. Life coverage and health insurance up to 99 years.
  2. Private room in hospital with one bed and private bathroom (hospitals in United States are excluded) for inpatient and outpatient, with limit total up to IDR50 billion.
  3. Extra cashback for Ms. Rina, a Priority customer, amounting to 6% x IDR58 million =IDR3,48 million.
  4. Acquisition fee discount in the first year in the amount of 5% from basic premium and cashback that will be given every year (cashback amount depends on AIA Vitality membership status at the end of his membership year).
  5. Extra cashback of IDR500,000 for BCA credit card payment.
  6. Extra cashback of 2% x IDR58 million = IDR1,16 million (as she is BCA Prioritas customer).
  7. If diagnosed with an illness, Ms. Rina also receives Personal Medical Management services, including assistance from a Specialist Doctor with global access for more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

The total benefits obtained by Ms. Rina would be (IDR3,480,000 + IDR500,000 + IDR1,160,000) = IDR5,140,000

Disclaimer: the total benefits of each customer will be different, depends on the chosen product, gender, age, health condition, and rider.

For more information, visit the nearest BCA branch or click button “I Want The Promo” above the page.


BCA and AIA are licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan).

This insurance product is an insurance product of PT AIA Financial (AIA) and is not a product of BCA. BCA is not responsible for these insurance products.

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