Mastercard - 25% Off on Grab

Until 30 Nov 2022

For Customer

25% Off on Grab

Terms and Conditions :

  • Rp 10,000 Off for GrabBike
    • Minimum transactions Rp40,000
    • Promo Code: MCBIKE
    • Valid for the first 390 transactions every day.
  • Rp 20,000 Off for GrabCar
    • Minimum transactions Rp80,000
    • Promo Code: MCCAR
    • Valid for the first 200 transactions every day.
  • General Terms & Conditions:
    • Maximum 3x promo code usage/Grab account within the program period.
    • Valid with Debit BCA Mastercard every day.
    • Cannot be combined with other promotions and multiplications do not apply.

Ensure that the Debit Online feature has been activated on BCA mobile before doing a transaction. For more on this, go to

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