13 May 2024 | News & Features

Register Investment ID (SID) via myBCA Application & BCA Branch

Investment is now a very important habit and needs to be done by everyone. Apart from being a source of reserve funds, it can also be used for future plans or dreams. Like preparing funds for traveling, getting married, buying a car/house, children's education, and even retirement can all be planned.

The thing you have to do is start investing. You don’t have to wait until you have a large amount of funds to start investing, because with Welma investments can be done starting from IDR 10 thousand. But, before making an investment, make sure to register an investor identity or well known as SID (Single Investor Identification).

BCA can help you simplify registering SID, which can be done directly on Welma feature at myBCA application, as an alternative on SID registration via Halo BCA which will be discontinued from 28 June 2024. Other than that, SID registration can be done through a BCA branch office that serves investment transactions. After getting an SID you can invest easily and comfortably with Welma feature at myBCA application.

Let’s start your first investment step by registering an SID for future preparation. For further information, please contact Halo BCA (1500 888) or download the halo BCA application.