13 Nov 2023 | News & Features

Halal Self Declare Certification Service for MSMEs Through BCA.

The Indonesia's Ministry of Cooperatives & SMEs, in collaboration with Bakti BCA, is offering MSMEs Self-Declare Halal Certification.

Self-Declare Halal Certification is a straightforward process designed especially for micro and small business products in which the owners themselves verify the Halal status of the product. For MSMEs’ products to be eligible for this certification, they must not contain materials that have been verified to be Non-Halal. The production procedure must not be fabricated (homemade) and comply with Shari'a.

The good news is that BCA has pledged to facilitate 1,000 Self-Declared Halal certificates for MSMEs in Indonesia as a way to encourage MSME transformation.

Information regarding the benefits of Halal Certification Self-Declare At BCA, the criteria for business actors who can take part in the certification program, along with the certification registration process, are as follows:

Benefits of Self-Declared Halal Certification at BCA

  • Free of Charge
    The costs associated with issuing Self-Declare Halal Certification are covered by BCA. There are no fees for participants.
  • Offline Workshop
    In cooperation with pertinent ministries and institutions, Halal certification workshops are conducted in a number of cities in Indonesia.
  • Help Support
    Find out more about how BCA supports MSMEs; including training, banking services, digital banking transformation, working capital loans, and other MSMEs' needs.


Business Criteria Product Criteria
  1. Micro segment (business capital ≤ Rp. 2 M)
  2. BCA’s customers producing own/original products
  3. NIB owner preferred
  1. F&B businesses with no use of livestock/poultry meat (chicken/goat/beef)
  2. Production procedure is not fabricated (homemade)
  3. Max. 10 product variants
  4. Products have never been applied for and/or certified Halal

Halal Certification Flow

  1. BCA & Kemenkop UKM will hold a one-day workshop for MSME business owners to create a SIHALAL account, register and upload documents (time & place will be informed after participants sign up using BCA’s typeform).
  2. BPJPH (Ministry of Religion) checks the entirety of the required documents.
  3. Garda Transfumi will visit the businesses within 14 working days to examine the production procedure.
  4. The results are submitted to the MUI via the SIHALAL application. MUI determines the eligibility of the products through the Halal Fatwa Session.
  5. BPJPH issues halal certification within 1 working day. The certificate is available to download via the SIHALAL application.
  6. Halal certificates that have been issued can be used for each registered product.

So what are you waiting for? Immediately register your business and take part in the Self-Declare Halal Certification program by filling in the form below.

Additional important information, BCA’s Self-Declare Halal Certification lasts until December 31, 2023.

For further inquiries, please contact Halo BCA 1500 888 or via Halo BCA application.