31 Jan 2023 | News & Features

Lunar New Year Becomes Luckier with the Increase BagiBagi Limit

Sending red packets with lucky numbers to your beloved family will make your Chinese New Year happier!

There is good news for you guys. During the period 13 January - 5 February 2023, the transaction limit for the BCA mobile BagiDari feature has increased!

If previously the divide share limit was a maximum of IDR 10 million per day and/or a maximum of 10x transactions per day, now the divide share limit has increased to a maximum of IDR 50 million per day and/or a maximum of 25 transactions per day.

So it's even happier for hockey numbers because #HokiDiDibagiDivide :)

Haven't used the Bagibagi feature yet?

All you have to do is open the BCA mobile application, then click ShareDivide. Later you can select the greeting card, nominal value, number of beneficiaries, and the source of the BagiDari funds. The greeting cards are cute too! Well, it's easy right, let's try sending red packets on Bagibagi

Happy Chinese New Year 2023 Greeting Card

Later you will get a ShareShare link which can be shared through group chats with family, old friends, or anyone you want to share!

To receive money from the Bagi Bagi link, the recipient must already own and register Sakuku on their smartphone. So don't forget to download Sakuku, OK?

Let's share red packets with lucky numbers at BagiBagi!Click the button below to find out more.