16 Aug 2022 | News & Features

SR017, The Last Sukuk Ritel of 2022

In the midst of high inflation, volatile market conditions and the issue of recession in today's world, investment is increasingly becoming an important thing to do or even prioritize in future planning. Because by investing, you will experience several benefits, such as growing your assets, preparing for retirement, achieving financial freedom and getting other income such as passive income, etc.

There are many types of investments that can be chosen according to the needs and risk profile of investors. One of the popular investment products, especially in providing periodic returns, is the Bond product, in particular the Surat Berharga Negara Ritel or known as SBN Ritel. SBN Ritel are Bonds issued by the Government of Indonesia which are offered to individual Indonesian Citizens (WNI) which are available conventionally (Savings Bond Ritel & Obligasi Negara Ritel) and according to sharia principles (Sukuk Negara Ritel & Sukuk Tabungan).

Of the four SBN Ritel issued by the government, in the near future the government will issue Sukuk Negara Ritel (SR) series SR017 which are sharia principled bonds that is tradeable (can be traded on the secondary market). According to the schedule released by the Ministry of Finance, SR017 can be ordered from 19 August – 14 September 2022 and is planned to be the last SR issued by the government this year.

By investing in SR017, you are supporting development in Indonesia, because the funds are used to finance the Indonesian National Budget. In addition, SR017 is also safe, because principal payments and yields are guaranteed by law so that it can be the main choice for investors who are interested in sharia products that are free from usury and have the opportunity to get potential profits (capital gain).

SR017 has a fixed yield of 5.90% p.a, and can be ordered starting from IDR 1 million and multiples thereof, up to IDR 5 billion through the Welma application from BCA, or the KlikBCA Individual website. Through BCA, customers can enjoy the benefits of being free of various fees, such as Securities Account Opening fees, securities storage fees, and coupon transfer fees. In addition, if you need funding, these SR Bonds can be used as collateral for productive loans or sold at competitive prices. You can also enjoy the free program of Secondary Bond transaction fees only at Welma.

For those of you who are investing in BCA for the first time, you can register for Single Investor Identification (SID) directly from Welma.

Let's add your passive income by investing SR017 through BCA before you miss the opportunity! For more information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention the Twitter account: @HaloBCA.