12 Aug 2022 | News & Features

The 77th Indonesian Independence Day Special, Interbank Transfer Using BI-Fast Only Rp77

There has been a surge of interest in the BI-FAST service among Indonesians. The BI-FAST service initiated by Bank Indonesia (BI) offers convenience and allows for more efficient, real-time, and safer transfers in the home country.

Simply by using m-banking or internet banking, you can transfer money anytime and anywhere, with an affordable fee of Rp2,500 for interbank transactions.

There are 52 banks within the BI-fast network now, and BCA is one of them. With BI-FAST, you can transfer funds of a minimum of Rp10,000 up to a maximum of Rp250 million (especially for BCA mobile users, the maximum fund transfer limits follow the card limits). The BI-FAST transfer at BCA is available through e-channels including myBCA, BCA mobile, KlikBCA Individu, and KlikBCA Bisnis.

The good news is that in celebration of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day, Bank Indonesia and the BI-FAST service participating banks will hold the BI-FAST reduced transfer fee program. The fee is down from Rp2.500 to Rp77 for three days starting from 16-18 August 2022. The program will be effective simultaneously in all participating bank’s e-channels that offer BI-FAST service.

For further information regarding BI-FAST and transaction services using other BCA e-channels, please contact Halo BCA 1500 888 or mention us on Twitter @HaloBCA.

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