05 Jan 2023 | News & Features

Easy to Upload Foreign Currency Transfer Underlying Documents Via KlikBCA Bisnis

*Updated : 13 Okt 2023

Foreign Currency Transfer (Outward Remittance) in KlikBCA Bisnis is one of our service that support your business in import and investment activity. Outward Remittance service is available in 14 foreign currencies with competitive rates and fees. Supported by an extensive network of correspondent banks around the world, BCA offers remittance services that is easy, fast, secure, and accessible anywhere.

Transactions can be directed anywhere quickly, safely, and easily because of BCA's extensive correspondence network throughout the world.

For foreign currency transaction that is above the threshold of underlying document requirement of eqv USD 100,000, you can now upload the related underlying document via our new feature of Business Document in KlikBCA Bisnis

Get our 100% Telex Fee cashback (Valid until 31st December 2023) promo for every Full Amount (charge to sender) transaction that uses Rupiah source of fund and uses the Business Document upload feature.

For information of Outward Remittance via KlikBCA Bisnis, please click the link below:

Form KlikBCA Bisnis

Guidelines for Business Document upload feature and Outward Remittance via KlikBCA Bisnis

Yuk, cek juga video tutorial cara upload dokumen underlying via KlikBCA Bisnis pada video berikut

Check out the tutorial video of how to upload your business document via KlikBCA Bisnis

For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500 888.