22 Jul 2022 | News & Features

Partner in Difficult Times with Good Services

Before, Christine Wendriati (52 y.o) was not familiar with insurance even though many insurance companies had offered her their products. However, her acquaintances who worked as staff at BCA referred Christine to Bancassurance Life Consultant (“BLC”) from PT AIA FINANCIAL (“AIA”). BLC AIA is a Bancassurance collaboration between BCA and AIA and regularly provides information about the advantages and benefits of AIA insurance products to her.

After learning about the insurance products offered, then sorting and considering the benefits, finally in April 2021, Christine and her husband who live in Palembang, South Sumatra, made their first choice of insurance product on Maxi Protection Plus, AIA's life insurance product.

Christine never thought that this decision would be the right step at the right time, considering the unexpected risks that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the COVID-19 case in Palembang was at its highest in July 2021, Christine and her husband (61 y.o) and their two children were infected at the same time.

"At the end of July 2021, my husband and I were hospitalized at Siti Fatimah Hospital in Palembang, but our two children were self-isolation at home," said Christine.

She added that while their family was in isolation at home and the hospital, BLC AIA regularly checked their family's condition. She felt it was very helpful to get through difficult times, so she could focus on recovering from their conditions.

Unfortunately, after being hospitalized for more than a month, her husband passed away. It was a heavy blow for Christine. Apart from losing her husband, now she has to take care of her children alone.

Struggling with the grief of losing her husband, never crossed her mind about the Maxi Protection Plus insurance she bought with her husband. It was BLC AIA who contacted Christine to inform her about the Death Benefit of her late husband that could be claimed.

Christine admitted that the death benefit helped her family's economy. She was also satisfied and felt that it was a good decision to choose AIA insurance products based on references from BCA. Very satisfied with the services provided, Christine also purchased other AIA products through a reference from BCA and currently she is protected by 6 AIA policies.

According to Christine, one of the factors that made her interested in buying AIA insurance products was the affordable premiums and sum insured offered, as well as the fast service and claim process. Since then, all members of her family are covered by health insurance from AIA. Christine herself is now also covered by health insurance and pensions.

“I have experienced the benefits of insurance myself and I feel it is very important. Moreover, I have felt the benefits of the policy from my late husband. So, I believe the life insurance I have now will be of great benefit to my children,” she concluded.

Maxi Protection Plus (Maxi Plus), the product purchased by Christine, is a life insurance product that can be equipped with various additional insurance options, one of which is Premier Hospital & Surgical Extra (PHS Extra). Maxi Protection Plus with PHS Extra protects for a lifetime and health protection with a Total Limit of up to IDR 65 billion.

Maxi Protection Plus can be obtained at the nearest BCA Branch through BLC AIA. It can also be purchased by leaving contact through the Welma application from BCA by clicking the "I'm Interested" button on the product page on the "Insurance Products/Insurance Company" menu on the Welma mobile apps from BCA.

Disclaimer: This insurance product is belonging to PT AIA FINANCIAL (“AIA”) and is not the product and responsibility of PT BANK CENTRAL ASIA, Tbk. ("BCA"). BCA only acts as a reference party for AIA insurance products. This insurance product is not guaranteed by BCA and is not included in the coverage of the guarantee program as referred to in the statutory provisions regarding deposit insurance institutions.

PT BANK CENTRAL ASIA Tbk and PT AIA FINANCIAL are licensed and supervised by The Financial Services Authority (OJK).