06 Jul 2022 | News & Features

Information on QRIS Daily Transaction Limit

Effective on September 7th, 2022, the QR Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) transaction limit on BCA will be separated from the BCA Debit Card limit. The new limit applicable to QRIS transaction is Rp25 million per day.

Previously, the QRIS daily limit is combined with Debit BCA daily limit. If the debit BCA limit has been exhausted, customers can no longer perform QRIS transactions using BCA mobile.

However, once the QRIS daily limit is separated, you can shop with more freedom, from meeting your daily needs, hobbies, to lifestyle, be it using BCA Debit Cards or QRIS via BCA mobile as they come with separate daily transaction limits. Now you can perform any transactions with more ease. Need not to worry about the limits no more. 

For more information about QRIS transactions and BCA e-channel, please contact Halo BCA 1500 888 or simply mention us at Twitter @HaloBCA.