18 Apr 2022 | News & Features

Be more #LahirBatinReady and happy with the increased BagiBagi THR limit!

Who can’t wait to share blessings with their closed ones for Eid Al-Fitr celebration?

And now, you can share to even more people via BagiBagi Feature on BCA mobile, because the transaction limit has been increased during the period of 18 April - 16 May 2022.

While before you could transfer up to maximum Rp10 million per day and/or maximum 10 transactions per day, now you can transfer up to maximum Rp50 million per day and/or maximum 25 transactions per day!

So, you can now spread happiness to even more people and thus be more #LahirBatinReady with BagiBagi :)

Haven’t tried the BagiBagi Feature before?

It’s easy–just open your BCA mobile application, then tap BagiBagi, where you can choose a greeting card, the transfer amount, the number of recipients, and the savings account source for your BagiBagi.

What’s more, the greeting cards have cute designs, and there are a few with Iwan Fals in them too!

BagiBagi Ramadan & Eid Al-Fitr Greeting Cards

Afterwards, you will get a BagiBagi link which you can share via family or friends group chats, or anyone else you want to share it with!

To receive the money from BagiBagi link, the recipient has to first have and register in Sakuku application on their smartphones–so please don’t forget to ask your friends and family to download Sakuku.

Happy sharing!

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