17 Mar 2022 | News & Features

BCA Collaborates with Manulife Asset Management Indonesia Presents MANSYAF

Along with the growing needs of the community, the preparation for the future is a must. One of the popular ways to prepare for the future is through investment. To help meet the needs of BCA customers by adding a variety of investment product solution options, BCA collaborated with PT. Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia (MAMI) to present the Manulife Saham Syariah Asia Pasifik Dollar AS (MANSYAF) Mutual Fund at BCA.

MANSYAF is an offshore equity mutual fund denominated in USD. This product opens opportunities for BCA customers who want to invest in the Asia-Pacific stock market which has considerable potential because each country in the region has its own attractive advantages. For example, South Korea and Taiwan have strengths in the semiconductor sector, which is the raw material for many electronic products. China has advantages in large domestic consumption and renewable energy technology. The ASEAN region and India have great digital economic potential. Australia for its mining and healthcare.

It is expected more even global economic recovery in 2022 so it will have a positive impact on markets in Asia Pacific which were previously lagging behind. The valuation of the Asian stock market against markets in developed countries is quite significant, which is around 25% cheaper than developed countries so that you can have more underlying shares with the same nominal value compared to the stock markets of developed countries. In addition, the Asian region has also benefited from several factors, including the economic cycle that continues to accelerate recovery and more manageable inflation compared to developed countries, thereby providing policy space for the region's central banks. Taking those points into account, it can be concluded that there is a great potential in the Asia Pacific market.

You can get MANSYAF starting from USD 10,000 through the Welma BCA application and at BCA Branches that serve Investment transactions. Especially for those of you who have never invested in mutual funds at BCA, you can register your investment identity number or known as SID (Single Investor Identification) directly at Welma. Enjoy cashback of up to IDR 1 million for the net subscription of this product (more info: bca.id/promomansyaf).

Let’s, download Welma on the Google Play Store or App Store and invest so that your investment goals and future preparation can be achieved! For more information, contact Halo BCA (1500 888) with extension 4 for investment product services.