24 Feb 2022 | News & Features

Invest on SR016, A Goodness for All Generations!

Investment is an important thing and is favored by the community today. People invest for various purposes, for example for future preparation, reserve funds, passive income and others. This time, the investment that you make, can also be useful for various generations of Indonesian citizens. The government issues Retail Sukuk or known as SR series SR016 where the funds will be used to support projects that are good for Indonesian citizens such as building bridges, educational campuses, and others.

SR016 is a Sharia-compliant bond that can be ordered starting from IDR 1 million and multiples via online from February 25th to March 17th, 2022. The yield for SR016 is fixed and competitive at 4.95% per annum. In addition, the coupon and principal payments are guaranteed by law, so investors don't have to worry about investing in SR016. This bond can be bought and sold in the Secondary Market so that investors have the opportunity to get capital gains.

At BCA, SR016 can be ordered through the Wealth Management BCA application, namely Welma or the KlikBCA Individual website. Customers can enjoy free benefits of various fees such as Securities Account Opening fees, securities storage fees, to coupon transfer fees. In addition, if you need funding, these SR Bonds can be used as credit collateral or sold at competitive prices. You can also enjoy the Bonds transaction fee-free program at Welma.

For customers who have never bought bonds at BCA, you can register for Single Investor Identification (SID) directly at Welma.

Let’s do something good for Indonesia by investing SR016 through BCA! For more information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention the Twitter account: @HaloBCA.