24 Jan 2022 | News & Features

Cashback Protection up to Hundreds of Millions

In 2022, the world enters the third year since Covid-19 appeared, including in Indonesia. As we face uncertainty, it reminds us to keep ourselves and others safe. For those who wish to start the year with health and life protection, AIA, through bancassurance collaboration with BCA, offers special promos for customers who buy AIA insurance products as follows:

Cashback Promo Terms & Conditions*

Cashback up to 19.5%

Buy PRIMA Extra Policy

Cashback up to 17.5%

Buy Maxi Protection Plus/Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Policy

Cashback up to 8.75%

Buy EduPlan/RetirePlan/MedicPro Policy

Extra Cashback Rp600 thousand

Buy Maxi Protection Plus / PRIMA Extra with AIA Vitality Mermbership

Extra Cashback up to Rp650 thousand

Send insurance application through the Leave Contact feature on BCA's Welma app or through AIA's DigiBuy application


* Terms & Conditions:

  • The promo period is valid from 1 January 2022 to 31 March 2022
  • Applies to the purchase of a new policy with a minimum annualized Premium (Premium multiplied by 12 months), with a starting premium of Rp12 million.
  • The Promo is only valid for the new policy that is approved (in force/active) and no surrender is made during the Freelook period under the provisions of the Policy.
  • Specifically for PRIMA Extra, EduPlan, and RetirePlanwith a premium payment period of 5 years, Premium calculated to get Cashback is 50% of annualized Premium (Premium multiplied by 12 months). 
  • For the purchase of a policy that is paid on a monthly basis, the cashback will be paid no later than 60 calendar days after completing the 6-month premium payment.
  • For the purchase of a policy that is paid on an annual basis, the cashback will be paid no later than 60 calendar days after the date the Policy is issued. 

For more information, please contact AIA Bancassurance Life Consultant at BCA Branch or apply for insurance through BCA's Welma application by clicking the "I Am Interested" button in the "News & Promo" menu or product page on the "Insurance Products/Insurance Company" menu. 

To apply for insurance through Welma, please register your BCA ID and connect an account after downloading BCA Welma on Google PlayStore & AppStore. 

Disclaimer: PT Bank Central Asia Tbk and PT AIA Financial are registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority.