23 Jun 2021 | News & Features

SBR010 Investment with BCA

Now is the right time for those waiting for a safe investment option that can be used for your future, because Savings Bond Ritel series SBR010 is now released into the market. You can obtain them at BCA starting from 21 June – 15 July 2021, with a 5.10% coupon yield with floating coupon (floating with floor).

There are many benefits for a purchase at BCA, such as Rp70,000 cashback for a minimum purchase of Rp7,000,000 (valid per investor and not valid for multiples) specifically for purchases via Welma, fee-free securities account opening, free deposit fee until it reaches maturity, and free monthly coupon transfers.

It is very easy to purchase. Simply use Welma or KlikBCA Individu for those who have purchased bonds at BCA. For those who have not, you can register your investment ID number or Single Investor Identification(SID) directly on Welma.

Don’t miss out on SBR010 investment via Welma. Order via Welma or order via KlikBCA .

For further information, please click bca.co.id/sbr010 or contact Halo BCA 1500 888.