17 May 2021 | News & Features

Rp1,000 Charge Fee for Virtual Account BCA to i.saku App

Shopping transactions have become easier now that we have a broad array of e-money. E-money from i.saku app, for example, has made it easier for customers at Indomaret to shop with contactless payment.

The top up process is easy and simple. Users can simply transfer to Virtual Account BCA (BCA mobile, KlikBCA and ATM BCA) according to the desired top up amount. Given the convenience, effective from1 July 2021, i.saku top up transactions using Virtual Account BCA will charge a convenience fee of Rp1,000 for every top up transaction.

Despite the new changes, you can still enjoy various discounts and attractive offers from i.saku. You can also make bill payments easily and comfortably. Sending money across Indonesia can be done with ease without a bank account. And most importantly, you can shop at all merchants with QRIS logo using i.saku.

Life has never been easier.

For further information about Virtual Account BCA, please click here or contact Halo BCA 1500888 or mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.