17 Nov 2020 | News & Features

Easier Transactions with Japan At BCA

Local Currency Settlement (LCS) Indonesia Japan is a payment service for trade, investment and transactions between Indonesia and Japan using Rupiah and Yen, which is now available at BCA.

Those who have trade businesses with Japan, international trade payment services are now available using local currencies, where BCA is one of the banks selected by Bank Indonesia to undertake Japanese LCS transactions.

Besides businesses, the LCS can facilitate parents whose kids are studying in Japan, for health services, investments, etc. BCA also offers competitive exchange rates.

The requirements to use the LCS services are relatively easy. Simply visit the Bank BCA to use this service.

For more information, please contact Halo BCA 24-hr service at 1500888 or type #halobca via WhatsApp at 0811 1500 998, and Halo BCA Chat on www.bca.co.id or mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

Informasi Mata Uang

LCS Transaction

JPY can only be transferred to all banks in Japan

THB can only be transferred to all banks in Thailand

MYR can only be transferred to all banks in Malaysia


IDR can only be transferred to  ACCD Bank1)  in Japan5), Malaysia, and Thailand

Amount per transaction for Underlying Document Requirement for Foreign Currency Purchase

 > eqv. USD 25,000

≥  ekv. USD 200,000

Any amount

Amount per transaction for Underlying Document Requirement for Transfer in IDR

Any amount

Telex Fee

IDR 50,0006)

Value Today2)

IDR 30,000

Full Amount3)

*For further information of LCS JPY Pricing, please contact BCA Branch.

Equivalent of USD 25


IDR 200,000

Provisi in Lieu4)

0.125% x nominal
(min ekv. USD 5; max USD 150)

Flat USD 57)



Transaction can only be done in BCA Branch


1)Appointed Cross Currency Dealer (ACCD) is the Bank appointed by Central Bank to facilitate LCS transaction. 

2) Value Today is fund received by the Beneficiary Bank on the same day

3) Full Amount is transaction received in full by the Beneficiary

4) Provision in Lieu is the fee charged if the currency’s source of fund is same as the currency of the transaction

5) FREE Telex Fee of Rp50,000 for LCS JPY transactions until 30 June 2021

6) FREE In Lieu Provision Fee for LCS MYR & THB transactions until 31st December 2021