09 Nov 2020 | News & Features

Buying and Selling Secondary Bonds Market Can Now Be Done via Welma

As the needs of BCA customers evolved, especially as investors, BCA continues to provide financial technology solutions to facilitate its customers. So, to help generate additional stream of income, Welma issued Secondary Bonds Market, where users can track bond prices as well as to buy and sell their bonds at their fingertips. This means for those who have purchased ORI/SR/other bonds at BCA, you can now easily sell your bonds via Welma.

As for those who have yet to purchase bonds at BCA, however, wishing to obtain them in the secondary market, you can easily buy them via Welma.

BCA investors can conduct secondary bonds market transactions on Welma, following the service hours of the branch offices (until 14.00 WIB) every exchange day, with bond transaction starting from Rp1 million for subscriptions in IDR, and US$30,000 for USD subscription.

Enjoy our special transaction fee-free promo; Rp25k free for IDR bonds and Rp45k for USD bonds via Welma. Wait no more! Download Welma on App Store or Google Play Store now, invest in secondary bonds market via Welma and enjoy the promo!

For more information, please contact: bca.co.id/welma or contact 1500 888.

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