16 Jul 2020 | News & Features

Forbes Ranks BCA ‘The World’s Best Banks’ in Indonesia

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As the pandemic has prompted many companies to adapt, technology becomes an important tool used in responding to a massive shift in customer transaction, from face-to-face transaction to digitally moderated self-service. 

The statement was released in a recent article by Forbes, 8 June 2020, titled The World’s Best Banks: The Future of Banking is Digital After Coronavirus, which laid out a significant development in banking trends in the past few months. 

Never were these growing demands more important than during the coronavirus pandemic, which forced countries around the world to announce lockdowns to combat the spread of the virus. Unable to visit bank branches, consumers turned to mobile apps and online services to get transactions done. 

Forbes partnered with market research firm Statista to measure the best banks in nearly two dozen countries. Statista surveyed more than 40,000 customers around the globe for their opinions on their current and former banking relationships.

The banks were rated on overall recommendation and satisfaction, as well as five subdimensions (trust, terms and conditions, customer services, digital services and financial advice). Between 5 and 75 banks were identified as top banks in each country, based on the total evaluations collected, the number of banks in the specific country and the scores achieved.

The 2008 financial crisis didn’t just usher in an era of consolidation and low rates that reshaped the banking industry globally, it also coincided with the mass adoption of the smartphone and a shift to digital banking. In the wake, a crop of web-first lenders emerged to challenge the world’s biggest banks and made offering end-to-end mobile banking features a matter of survival.

The coronavirus only affirmed that there’s no looking back. Amsterdam-based ING, ranked highly in eight nations, leading banks worldwide on Forbes list in its reach. The lender, which has a legacy that dates back to the mid-1800s, is a technological pioneer in the banking industry, creating digital banking ING Direct in 1997 at the dawn of the internet age.

“We are inspired by the giant technology platforms and their customer engagement,” says Bogdaneris, who points out that user experiences for technology platforms like Uber are the same, regardless of where a customer is located. "We started measuring ourselves more against these platforms than against traditional banks,” he adds.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, headquartered in Jakarta, the Bank BCA overtook Singapore-based and London-based banks. As of July 7, 2020, based on Forbes, BCA ranked number one as the World’s Best Banks in Indonesia. 

BCA was able to meet the five subdimension (trust, terms and conditions, customer services, digital services, and financial advice) assessments by Forbes and Statista as an adaptable bank during the pandemic. Its technology-related banking solutions and services are considered the best.

This achievement serves as a form of BCA’s commitment in providing banking services and solutions to customers as a reliable and safe bank for investment and daily banking transactions. 

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