17 Mar 2020 | News & Features

How to Keep An Effective Meeting While Working from Home

Agar Rapat Tetap Efektif Walaupun Karyawan Bekerja Dari Rumah

The outbreak of Covid-19 in Indonesia prompted President Joko Widodo to appeal to the public to work from home. However, unfortunately, when you work at home, it’s easy to let your work life blur into your home life. The atmosphere at home is more relaxing, no colleagues, no strict working hours, and many more that makes a person lazy and unproductive.

Especially if you have a video call meeting with your employees. To address this, there are some tips from the experts that may help you to be more focus while working from home.

Adjusting the house to a workplace environment. During a meeting, the meeting space is usually a minimalist design, which aims to avoid distraction that can affect concentration. Therefore, apply this for your workspace at home.

When conducting a video conference, make sure the space has the appropriate lighting, camera settings and quality, and neat room arrangement. Adjust the position of the camera to your eye level, lest you look down.

Agar Rapat Tetap Efektif Walaupun Karyawan Bekerja Dari Rumah

Having effective meeting structure. Despite the video conference, you still need to have a meeting structure. What are the agendas, latest information to share, and prepare a presentation if it is necessary. Do as you normally do at meetings in the office with the team.

It is also important to ensure the meetings do not go too long and out of the agenda, because the longer the meeting, the less focus the people become. If a face-to-face meeting can last up to more than 1 hour, it doesn’t apply to a video conference. People will rarely demonstrate the same focus for such a long time in a video conference.

Maintaining speech speed. Don’t talk too fast. Most importantly is to have a clear articulation so people can listen clearly. Why? Because people may have different internet speed which renders to sound clarity they hear.

Other tips that can be implement is to utilize the “Mute” feature when not talking to reduce noise interference. This will help everyone in the meeting to hear clearly.

Source: prioritas.bca.co.id